On October 14th 2011, traders from the Bull Ring Market and the Wholesale Market held a public meeting at St Martins Church in the Bull Ring. They invited Carl Chinn, local historian and newspaper columnist and Michael Ward, a public policy specialist, to talk about the markets and their historic, cultural, social and economic importance. Traders also talked about the current situation affecting the markets.

A big thank you to all those who attended either as speakers or as audience. Thanks to the members of the public who engaged with this issue and asked us some very good questions.

I filmed the meeting and have been painstakingly trying to edit on an almost defunct lap top which is why it has taken me so long! The meeting is in four parts;

PART 1 – Traders from Bull Ring Market and Wholesale Market talking about current situation as they see it.

PART 2 – Carl Chinn giving us a brilliant trip into the past and connecting it to our everyday experience of the Bull Ring Markets.

PART 3 – Michael Ward, public policy specialist highlighting why it is of utmost importance to keep the Wholesale Market in the centre of the city.

PART 4 – Q and A between the public and speakers.

So far, I have only managed to get Part 1 and Part 2 active, the rest to follow…


About organicarol

I am an independent organic and local fruit and vegetable market trader working in the heart of Birmingham in it's historic Bull Ring Open Market.
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3 Responses to PUBLIC MEETING

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  2. beezneez0304 says:

    A huge thankyou to everyone who came and to those who took part….Great work carol!!!

  3. Hi, I’m a member of Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market and would really like to get in touch with anyone who is involved in organising Friends of Bullring Markets to talk about how we can support one another and also to ask for some advice. Do you have an e-mail address you could send to us?

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