About us

Friends of Bull Ring Markets is a new group for everyone – customers, traders, citizens and visitors – who love The Bull Ring Markets and want it to survive and flourish in its present form and not become yet another bland and soulless shopping centre.

The market is one of the best things about the city because it is where the past, present and future of Birmingham meet. Nowhere else provides such a diversity of low cost, good quality produce and services with unrivalled advice from knowledgeable traders. It is also an affordable meeting place in a city that has lost many public spaces in recent years.

Despite its popularity, The Bull Ring Markets have in the last years faced a range of threats which have put  traders at risk of losing their business affecting the market atmosphere.



5 Responses to About us

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    • organicarol says:

      Hiya, thanks for that comment – remember that book that you lent me many moons ago Arcadia?? I think we need to struggle to maintain a link to Brum’s cultural heritage.

  2. modulateav says:

    Couldn’t agree more. As a home educator, the first history I explored with my young son was the history of Birmingham, which pretty much started with the market place. His late grandmother had a market stall there for years, and now he loves to come with me to buy fresh fish, fruit and vegetables , especially when the traders take the time to chat with him or even sometimes give him a free apple – not something ever likely to happen in a soul-less supermarket. Scylla

  3. Keep up the fantastic work. Save our Markets.

  4. jason m says:

    I agree no way should we loose market its bad enough the indoor market is not same no need to get rid of the veg and fruit its part of the charm and doesn’t really take much space does it

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